В 1478 г. родился английский мыслитель Томас Мор

He died at the age of 63 – a long enough life by the standards of Middle Ages. The most famous work by Thomas More is socio-literary project Utopia, which gave the name to both a genre and followers. Contemporaries knew Thomas More as a stern, yet impartial judge. He distinguished himself in the field of politics as well as having served his way through to Lord Chancellor during the reign of Henry VIII – an unprecedented thing for a person who is neither a priest, nor a nobleman famous by ancestry. Thomas More was on friendly terms with Erasmus Roterdamus, and the latter’s famous Praise of Folly was written in More’s house. Moreover, it makes play with More’s name, as the Latin version of it reads Encomium moriae. More was also famous as Catholic propagandist who disputed with Martin Luther. He refused to let Henry VIII be divorced with Catherine of Aragon. When the king still married Anne Boleyn, he refused to owe allegiance to her as a queen. Neither had he recognized the supremacy of the king over Catholic Church, as it would mean the refusal from Pope’s primacy in religious affairs. After that, he climbed the scaffold. In 1935, Thomas More was canonized.