В 1473 г. родился Николай Коперник

The native of Polish town of Torun, born on February 19, 1473, was a canonic of Catholic church in Frombork, mathematician, economist, physician and mechanic. He treated patients free of charge, developed and implemented the system of coin circulation in Poland, built a hydraulic machine which supplied water to Frombork. Yet, the posthumous fame came to him as an astronomer. He was not just the observer, but thinker and philosopher. It was Kopernik who suggested the reasoned system with the Earth and other planets running around the Sun and the Moon being the satellite of Earth, instead of the existing one with the Sun and other planets flying around the Earth. Kopernik and his heliocentric system explained all movements on the celestial sphere by axis-rotation of the Earth and its running around the Sun. Priest Kopernik published the fruit of his meditation and devoted the book to Pope Paul III. He was lucky to take the printed version of his work in hands just before death, yet unappreciated by the contemporaries. The true recognition came to him only in 19th century and the inscription on the monument to Kopernik in Torun saying: “Mover of the Earth, stopper of the Sun” does not seem an exaggeration.