В 1452 году родился Леонардо да Винчи

On that day, at 3 p.m., a boy named Leonardo was born out of wedlock to successful notary Pietro and peasant woman Caterina. 560 years ago, the mankind could not even think that the world would gain one of the greatest geniuses ever living on the planet. He was a strong and handsome man, great thinker, genius, almost magician, as well as engineer, architect and painter. This ingenious inventor designed a submarine, helicopter, bicycle, parachute and many other things. However, Leonardo turned none of his inventions into reality being born ahead of time. Neither his buildings, nor sculptures remained. His heritage includes only fresco paintings, canvases and recordings that should be read with the help of a mirror. His chef-d’oeuvre is painting Giaconda or Mona Lisa. French King Francois I bought this canvas for his bathroom in the artist’ lifetime. The king paid for the painting 4,000 golden florins, the amount equal to 15.3 kg of gold. Everyone who has ever seen Giaconda will agree that the painting was well worth the money paid for it. As for science, Leonardo wrote several essays devoted to this topic. One of his incontestable ideas says: “Science is the captain, and practice – the soldiers.”