9 сентября 1913 года поручик Петр Нестеров впервые в мире выполнил «мертвую петлю»

Despite the frightening name, Nesterov’s calculations were correct and the flight aboard the Nieuport IV monoplane ended in success. In a year, on 26 August 1914, Staff Captain Nesterov met Austrian baron von Rosenthal in an air fight near the town of Zhovkva. The fight went badly for Nesterov so he accelerated his plane to ram the enemy’s aircraft. It was branded air ramming. And it was the first but the flight was his last. During the Soviet times, the loop and the town of Zhovkva were named after Nesterov. Today, the town regained its name of Zhovkva but the aerial stunt is still named after the brave pilot.