9 июля 1357 года в Праге заложен Карлов мост

It was, naturally, Charles IV, the king most venerated in Czech Republic and the most enlightened monarch of his time, who decided to connect the Old Town of Prague with the royal fortress and residence. The bridge across the Vltava River that had to be as majestic as the Czech capital itself and decorated with sculptures was commissioned to experienced bricklayers. And to make the bridge stand forever, the king approached other, more universal experts. Astrologers, the wise men of those times, recommended laying the foundation of the bridge on July 9, when the Earth was in a good aspect with Saturn, exactly at 5h 31 min. In that case, they said, the moment would be written down as 1357., which could be read from either side. Well, this is only a legend. However, the bridge is still there, and so gorgeous!