9 августа 1942 года состоялась ленинградская премьера Седьмой симфонии Шостаковича

Imagine Leningrad under siege. Is there any time for concerts? Yes! The whole world should know that the city is not defeated. So, the Philharmonic began to gather musicians from the frontline. Carl Eliasberg, who was sick at the time, was preparing a new symphony with the orchestra, using a musical score sent from Kuybyshev by plane. To prevent shell explosions from interfering with the broadcast from the Great Hall of the Philharmonic, a heavy shelling of enemy positions was carried out by order of the front commander Govorov. Soviet cannon shots served as an overture to the symphony. Everything seemed like it was happening in peacetime, even Eliasberg's shirt was starched. It took the whole orchestra to find a potato for it. And the Seventh Symphony was called Leningrad. It will never be renamed, even after the name of the city has changed. It's eternal.