9 августа 1803 года Роберт Фултон продемонстрировал свой первый пароход

That is their creators did not make it into the history of technology. Fulton revised their ideas critically, made the necessary corrections, took into account their mistakes, and after that his first steamboat sailed down the Seine on a beautiful summer day in 1803. Napoleon, however, did not appreciate the generous gift, and the offended inventor left for his homeland – the United States. There he bought a more powerful engine, and in 1807 he launched the famous Steamboat of the North River. The first voyage of the steamboat, 278 kilometers long, along the Hudson River from New York to Albany lasted for 32 hours. Newspapers reported that boatmen closed their eyes in horror as “Fulton's Monster,” spewing smoke and fire, moved against the wind and current. The return trip downstream took 30 hours. It was the first non-stop voyage of a steam vessel lasting more than a day. Since then, the Steamboat of the North River began regular voyages on the Hudson River. Later Robert Fulton even obtained the exclusive right to build steamboats in Russia, but nonetheless, he never used it.