8 октября 1967 года впервые была взята проба на алкоголь у автомобилиста

And again, the British! Great Britain has always been at the forefront of the fight for safety – in this case, for the safety of traffic. And even though the very first road signs were installed in 1903 in Paris, and the world's first punishment for violating traffic rules – nothing less than imprisonment – was sanctioned by the authorities of American Newport, the British have their own achievements in this regard. For the first time, both manual and automatic traffic lights appeared in Great Britain in the twenties of the latest century. In 1951, the London city government adopted a rule to mark the pedestrian crossing with stripes along the road throughout its width. This transition is now called “zebra" all over the world. And in 1967 they got their hands on undisciplined drivers. In Somerset County, chauffeurs were for the first time asked to breathe in a special apparatus. And that's it: mint chewing gums, bay leaves or coffee beans are no longer enough.