8 июня 1883 года торжественно открыли Исторический музей в Москве

The Russian National Museum of His Imperial Majesty the Tsesarevich Crown Prince was founded in Pervoprestolny with items from the 1872 All-Russian Polytechnic Exhibition and at the instigation of its organizers. Do not be frightened by its long name – it did not survive to the end of the construction of the museum. By the time it opened, it was already called the Imperial Russian Historical Museum. The construction of the building for the Museum of the History of Russia was unanimously decided to use the Russian style, just like everything else in the main square of the country. The national artistic ideals were expressed by architect Vladimir Sherwood. It happened very fast: it took just 10 years to build it, which is not much even by today's standards. On May 27, on the Julian calendar,1883, during the coronation celebrations, the museum was honored with a visit from Their Imperial Majesties Alexander III and his wife, Maria Fyodorovna. All 11 rooms, ready by then, were opened to the public on the same day.