8 августа 1924 года открылся первый автобусный маршрут в Москве

On this August day eight English “Leyland” buses took to the dusty streets of Moscow for the first time and headed from Kalanchevskaya Square to the Belorussky Railway Station. It was the very first regular bus route in the capital; previously passengers could only rely on the streetcar and their own feet. Since that day, these huge distances have been covered with ZIS trucks of various modifications, then there were LIAZs, Ikaruses, Mercedeses “made in Golitsyno,” Minsk MAZ-107s, and so on. Today the total length of bus routes in the city is equal to the distance from Moscow to Ulan-Ude. In addition to the record of the total length, the bus holds the lead among Moscow ground transport, with the lion's share of 67% of the traffic volume.