8 августа 1877 года родился отец русского кинематографа Александр Ханжонков

Sasha, Alexander Khanzhonkov, the son of a retired Cossack officer, was born on this day in the Khanzhonkovo estate near Yuzovka, which is now Donetsk. Later he will become the father of Russian cinematography. The name of Khanzhonkov is connected with the first Russian film studio and the first full-length historical film in the world, which lasted for an hour and 40 minutes. The famous film Defense of Sevastopol cost 40 thousand rubles, but still brought a profit. He also shot the first popular science and educational films; the first puppet and graphic animated films by Vladislav Starevich were made exactly at the Khanzhonkov Studio. So, Alexander Khanzhonkov's place in history is undisputable.