7 октября 1919 года основана авиакомпания KLM (Королевские нидерландские линии) – старейшая в мире

“Fortunately, my nation is too small to do big stupid things” the Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorenz once made a pun. And to create an airline, which today is listed as the oldest Among the companies operating regular flights in the world, this nation turned out to be the most suitable. In a country that still has no aviation industry, there were smart businessmen who, even before any Airlines and Aeroflots, have realized the most promising kind of transport, which will bring considerable income. And should one really be surprised? Back in the 17th century, Dutch merchants were famous for their resourcefulness, which allowed the country to become one of the leading sea ​​and trade powers. Even now the Dutch live much better than many, to say the very least – although they cannot be called a super power.