7 июня по новому стилю 1880 года  в Москве открыли памятник Пушкину

With the money raised by a nationwide donation, sculptor Alexander Opekushin erected a monument to his great namesake on Tversky Boulevard. “What do you mean by ‘on Tverskoi Boulevard’?” the young and therefore unfamiliar with the Soviet history of the capital will wonder. The thing is, the sculptor had chosen the current spot, but the monument was placed on the other side of Tverskoi Boulevard, at the head of Tverskoi Boulevard. There were lavish celebrations on this occasion, history and literature remember the speeches by Turgenev and Dostoevsky, and as the popular legend has it, while being transported to Moscow the monument met Anna Kern's coffin on the way. And the bronze statue of the poet, together with the pedestal that bears the inscription of his poem Monument, was moved across the road in the post-war 1950s.