7 июля 1947 года начался учредительный съезд общества «Знание»

In 1947, a group of outstanding Russian scientist, including Sergey Vavilov, Ivan Artobolevsky, Alexander Oparin ang Evgeny Tarle, proposed to the intellectuals and the government to create an All-Union Society for Promotion of Political and Scientific Knowledge. On July 7, 1947, the founding congress of the society started in the Bolshoi theater. The opening speech was delivered by Sergei Vavilov, head of the organizational committee, President of the USSR Academy of Sciences. That was what he said: “Our Society should be the transmitter and mediator of real, sublime, front-end scientific knowledge from professionals to people.” Today, the Society is still pursuing the goals set in 1947, under the name Russian Society Znanie.