7 июля 1863 года родился Владимир Леонидович Дуров

A nobleman’s son, minor of age, left a military college with his brother Anatoly and started performing in a travelling circus. After trying several circus genres, Vladimir Durov found himself in the field of circus animal training. However, he did not forget about clownery: there was a legend about a trained dog named Lord that caught its tail in the circus ring and Durov, looking at him, repeated: “Don’t bite it off, or you’ll be bobtail like our Constitution.” It was in 1906, just after the announcement of the Constitution of Russia, and that act was invariably a great success. And in 1912, in his house in Staraya Bozhedomka street, 4, Durov organized his own menagerie that was nicknamed Durov's Corner. He was the founder of soft animal training, adamantly opposed to poor treatment of animals and a faithful supporter of Pavlov’s conditional reflexes theory. The menagerie was designed for promoting scientific animal training methods. Durov also opened a practical animal psychology laboratory where he conducted research. Later, the menagerie in Durov’s Corner gave rise to a theater, and the Corner itself became a theater. Now, on Durov’s street, renamed when the founder of the famous dynasty was still alive, we can see the Durov Animal Theater or, as it is called, Grandpa Durov’s Corner.