7 июля 1752 года родился французский изобретатель Жозеф Мари Жаккар

You may ask: “Was it the very Jacquard that invented the weaving machine that produces the famous Jacquard fabric?” Yes, it is that very Jacquard: a son of a weaver and a weaver himself, he produced a revolution in the weaving craft. He invented a machine that was able to create fabrics with patterns. And to manage each thread separately, he put into the machine a perforated cylinder, that is, a real punch card! This puts Jacquard in line with Charles Babbidge, Konrad Zuse, Howard Aiken and other pioneers of computer engineering. Experts say that the Jacquard loom, in the variety and preciseness of its work, can be compared to the movements of a well-trained animal.