6 марта 1937 года родилась первая в мире женщина-космонавт Валентина Терешкова

In 1963, former spinner of the Yaroslavl Factory of Technical Fabrics and first-rank parachute diver won unofficial competition on recruiting women to cosmonaut corps and did what only rats, dogs and men had done before – made a flight into space. Under the romantic call sign of Seagull, she spent almost three days in the orbit and returned with a title of Miss Universe bestowed on her by British periodical Daily Express. Today, it will take hours to recite her awards and titles – Valentina Tereshkova is the Hero of Soviet Union, retired major-general of Air Force, cavalier of the Order of Lenin and many foreign orders and medals, professor, outstanding public figure, and honorary citizen of almost twenty cities. A crater on the Moon was named after her, while asteroid 1671 bears the name of Seagull, also in honor of Tereshkova. In 2000, International Association Women of the Year bestowed title Woman of the Century on her. “For unequalled success in promotion of equality,” this is how emancipated ladies formulated the reason behind making a Russian woman the laureate for the first time in 45 years.