6 мая 1856 года родился Зигмунд Фрейд

In his own words, Sigmund Freud was the third disappointment for the humanity – the first two being Copernicus and Darwin.

Freud proved that human beings are not creatures of reason but rather let their mind succumb to the unconscious. The unconscious he likened to a horse that carries the rider, that is, the mind. As long as the horse is calm, it obeys the rider. But if it breaks free, the rider will have to go where his horse goes. He was laughed at and disbelieved. By old age he had gained regalia and degrees and had become a classic, yet today his scientific views are questioned once again. Yet, the terms he introduced into science and the influence he had on top minds in sciences and arts remain unquestionable. As the inscription on his monument in Vienna says: “The voice of reason is soft.”