6 июля 1785 года Континентальный Конгресс США утвердил доллар в качестве официальной американской валюты

If we dig deep into history, we’ll find the roots of the dollar in the Old World. At the beginning of the 16th century, the silver mined from the mine near the town of Joachimsthal began to be used for minting coins used all over Europe. At first, they were called Joachimsthalers, and later, its name was shortened in different ways: Europeans started calling them thalers, and Russians, yefimok. The thaler (dollar, in English) crossed the Atlantic with the colonizers and started circulating in the American continent. After the United States of America gained independence, Thomas Jefferson proposed to register the dollar as the country’s official currency. By that time, the Russian yefimok had become the rouble. The link between the two countries will seem even stronger when you learn that the design of dollar bills was developed by Russian emigrant Sergey Makronovsky.