5 сентября  1905 года Россия и Япония заключили мир

On August 23, 1905, O.S., Russia and Japan finally ended the war and signed the treaty of peace brokered by the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in Portsmouth, USA. Everyone was unhappy except the U.S. President. Russia took it to heart the loss of Port Arthur, Port Dalny, South Sakhalin and influence in Korea. Japan was vexed because it asked for less and made a very bad bargain. The Japanese representative, Baron Komura lost his post of the minister and was charged with treason. The Russian Prime Minister Sergey Witte who fought desperately for every inch of the land was made a count and the nickname Count of Half-Sakhalin. And only Roosevelt felt awesome, as he earned the reputation of the peacemaker and the Nobel Peace Prize.