5 октября 1782 года состоялась премьера пьесы Дениса Фонвизина «Недоросль»

The court troupe played a freshly written play in the benefit performance of an actor and director Ivan Dmitrievsky. The success of Karl Knipper Wooden Theater was unprecedented and unparalleled: the audience “applauded the play by throwing purses". Such an enchanting performance was certainly capable of changing the life of a person who could identify himself as Mitrofanushka. Come to your senses and become the most educated person of your time. For many years, there was a rumor that this happened to Alexei Olenin, the future president of the Academy of Arts and director of the Public Library. Now we figured out that Olenin, who studied in the Page Corps, and continued his education abroad at the time of the premiere of the play, has nothing to do with this fairy tale. And a new figure for positive example has yet been found.