5 октября 1632 года основан город Якутск

“... Thus I, Petrushka, together with the servicemen on the Lena River put an ostrog for the sovereign’s majesty in the far outskirts and for sovereign collection and for the arrival of the Yakut people. And before, the sovereign’s ostrog did not exist anywhere on the Lena River and in the Yakut land". The truth was written by the sotnik Peter Beketov, the founder of the Lensky ostrog, that was later moved twice higher on the flow of the river and as a result called Yakutsk. Ad really, the city founded by a Yenisey Cossack became a trade center of Lena region and the stove, from which all researchers of Far East and North started to do their thing. And mind you, Beketov did not even know about the land in diamonds!