4 сентября 1882 Томас Алва Эдисон открыл первую в мире электростанцию

Before that, he purchased a building in New York and had lengthy talks with the city council. Edison wanted to electrify a neighborhood where he lived and provide electricity to all of his neighbors sharing the same house. The mayor was against it. Rumor has it, he was bribed by gas companies. But the city council did not agree with the mayor and approved Edison’s experiment. The American billionaire Morgan also stepped in. He invested in Edison’s project and expected profits. On the named day, 4 September, the opening of the power plant gathered the governor of the state, mayor and other public officials and individuals. The first generator was launched without any problems. But when the second generator was switched on, it was the biggest mess that had happened since Adam was born, Edison said. The generators jumped and howled and the public screamed and ran away. But the workers quickly solved the problem and everything went as smoothly as if buttered. Consumers were buttered up the most, as at first they got electricity for free.