31 июля 1956 года вышло постановление ЦК КПСС и Совета Министров СССР о развитии жилищного строительства в СССР

The housing problem was solved by the method of the Roman emperor Nero. But don't get us wrong: it happened as far as in 64 A.D. Nero ordered that insulae – five-story apartment buildings – must be built at a rapid pace. It is true that the Roman insulae are not called “Neronovki,” and small-sized five-storey buildings with low ceilings and the combined toilet we call now “khrushchevki" or even “khrushcebi.” As a vindication of Nikita Sergeyevich, we should say that he did not build “khrushshebi” forever; he built a civilized version of temporary housing, the so-called “barracks” for 25 years until the country gets rich. And it is not Khrushchev's fault that this did not happen.