31 июля 1948 года открылась печально знаменитая сессия Всесоюзной Академии Сельскохозяйственных наук

Agriculture, is it the fear that the heredity theory will cast doubt on the Marxist idea of universal equality, or is it the desire to lead science ideologically? We can only discuss the facts, and there they are: after a thorough preliminary preparation, which was carried out by the competent authorities, the “venal maid of imperialism – genetics,” together with the Weissmanist-morganists, were completely smashed at a session of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences under the leadership of T.D. Lysenko. It is a shame for Michurin: he was not aware of Lysenko's Michurin doctrine related to inheritance of acquired traits; Michurin was not too involved in doctrines in general; he was more interested in practical matters, and had nothing against the teachings of a monk whose second name was Mendel. In 1949, Trofim Denisovich's diligence was rewarded with the Stalin Prize. Only after Khrushchev left, whom Lysenko tricked as well, it let genetics in our country begin to rise to its feet, however it is still not possible to completely eliminate the consequences of the 1948 massacre.