31 августа 1848 года впервые опубликовали прогноз погоды

As you know, Great Britain does not experience climate, but only weather. The Britons even welcome the weather uncertainty. Without it, they say, nine out of ten people could not start a single conversation. And probably it is favorite weather conversations that eventually led to meteorologists posting their first reports in the British newspapers.

Originally, these were very strange reports. In the late 17th century, the newspaper published weather details on that day in the past years. Using deduction and extrapolation, the British followers of Sherlock Holmes could make conclusions about today’s weather. And so they got themselves into a mess with overshoes left at home. The very first weather forecast, we are now accustomed to, was published on 31 August 1848 in the columns of Daily News founded by the great English writer Charles Dickens. The weather forecasting became a big science-based business with all the empire’s weather stations and even Royal Observatory, Greenwich, working to prepare forecasts. Subsequently, all the civilized countries set up their own weather forecasting services. In the last century, meteorology and synoptics developed at a pace to be envied — radio balloons and satellites brought the science to ever greater heights, literally and figuratively. Nevertheless, the weather people still make mistakes and we make fun of their mistake — you will know the accurate forecast for tomorrow the next day, the weather person is wrong only once... a day. There are computer models giving accurate weather forecasts for one day ahead but calculations take two, meteorologists reply with a joke.