30 сентября 1882 года заработала первая в мире гидроэлектростанция

The world's first hydroelectric power station was put into operation on the Fox River in a small American town of Appleton, Wisconsin. A local paper manufacturer Rogers became the American pioneer of hydro-construction. Forty years before the GOELRO plan, he installed a dynamo, which was set in motion by a water wheel, and received the number of kilowatts necessary to illuminate his house, the factory and neighboring buildings.

The innovation was a success: newspapers wrote about it, and the process, started by a progressive American papermaker, went on, especially in our country: Dnieper, Volga and Yenisey villages shared the fate of Atlantis, i.e., plunged into the depths of water, and a new proverb appeared in Siberia: lit. the deeper you go into the woods, the more hydroelectric plants there are (Rus. Chem dalsche v les, tem bolsche GES).