30 октября  в разные годы родились целых пять лауреатов Нобелевской премии в области медицины и физиологии

German microbiologist Gerhard Domagk was awarded the Prize in 1939 for his discovery of the antibacterial properties of sulfonamides. He never received it: the Third Reich authorities forced him to decline it and locked him up in the Gestapo as a warning. The fates of the other Nobel laureates were less dramatic. Let us name them: the American physician Dickinson Woodruff Richards (1956 prize for discoveries in cardiology), the Swedish neurophysiologist Ragnar Arthur Granit (awarded in 1967), the American biologists Daniel Nathans, in 1978, and Leland Hartwell, in 2001, received shared Nobel Prizes. And whoever figures out why that exact date produced so many geniuses may well expect a Nobel Prize of their own. In Physiology or Medicine.