30 августа 1901 года  был запатентован пылесос

The engineer Hubert Cecil Booth made the world happy with a safe device for dust removal. It was inspired by music, or Music Hall in London, where he attended a demonstration of an American cleaning machine blowing dust off the carpet. The audience sneezed and coughed and the engineer Booth was wondering why it had to be blowing off instead of sucking dust. In a couple of days, the brave inventor nearly choked on his own handkerchief by laying a handkerchief on a plush arm of a chair and trying to suck up as much dust as he could onto the handkerchief. Upon seeing black spots on the handkerchief, he realized the idea could work. His masterpiece was nicknamed “Puffing Billy” and too bulky to be brought into a dining room. But he found a way out. The device was transported to a house by carriage, hoses 250 meters long were uncoiled, pipes were brought into the rooms and dust suction began. On such days, guests flocked to the house to show off and to watch the vacuum cleaner work.