30 апреля 1967 года сдана в техническую эксплуатацию Останкинская телебашня

The young technician Serezha Volkov put several reels of threads atop each other, then inserted a rope inside and pulled it tight so that the system would not fall apart. He was rewarded with a certificate of authorship for that invention. The Ostankino TV Tower was built according to the same principle, its construction completed in 1967 in Moscow by the Soviet engineer Nikolay Nikitin. A 540 meter high tower was built along with the Television Technical Center for the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, becoming – albeit for a short time – the world’s tallest structure capturing the spotlight from U.S. skyscrapers. The tower experienced a survived a terrible hours-long fire in 2000 but remained in operation, still broadcasting across the surroundings.