3 сентября 1967 Швеция перешла на правостороннее движение

Until 1967, Sweden was among the countries, which, in opinion of the Continental Europe, used a wrong-hand traffic. In the aforementioned year, the Swedish government decided to join the majority. 20,500 police officers and troops with helicopters, planes and armored vehicles were meant to ensure that the government would implement a difficult decision intended to change the traditions and requiring large investments, including up to bus fleet replacements. The population was not left aside. The government released a 30-page booklet and a special logo decorated everything, including women’s panties. There was no big trouble thanks to such a large-scale support. Dagen H (“Högertrafik,” the Swedish word for “right traffic”) was slated for the night, during which the government banned private vehicles. All other vehicles had to come to a complete stop at 04:50 and were allowed to proceed at 05:00 after changing to the right-hand side of the road.