3 ноября 1958 года были открыты вулканы на Луне

From 1936 to 1946, the Russian astronomer, professor of the Pulkovo Observatory Nikolai Kozyrev was imprisoned in Stalin's camps. In 1958, the scientist was rehabilitated. His rehabilitation perfectly coincided with a discovery of worldwide importance: on November 3, while observing the lunar crater Alphonsus, Kozyrev obtained spectrograms that irrefutably indicated that gases were released from its central part. It meant that there were volcanoes on the Moon, too. And if the discovery of an active volcano on Earth would hardly create a sensation these days, a volcanic eruption on the Moon was the center of attention for scientists from all over the globe. So today, everybody knows: the Sun has its spots, and the Moon has its volcanoes. By the way, Kozyrev was curious about the sunspots as well and was even working on a sunspot theory. But that was before his imprisonment.