3 июля 1898 года Джошуа Слокам завершил первое в мире одиночное кругосветное плавание

That was how he described it in his book Sailing Alone Around the World: “So on July 3, with a fair wind, she waltzed beautifully round the coast and up the Acushnet River to Fairhaven, where I secured her to the cedar spile driven in the bank to hold her when she was launched. I could bring her no nearer home. If the Spray discovered no continents on her voyage, it may be that there were no more continents to be discovered […] To find one's way to lands already discovered is a good thing, and the Spray made the discovery that even the worst sea is not so terrible to a well-appointed ship.” The Canadian sailor, advanced in years, knew what he was talking about: he himself had restored the schooner that was almost 100 years old. Any scientist would agree with Slocum’s words: “To succeed, however, in anything at all, one should go understandingly about his work and be prepared for every emergency.”