3 августа  1980 года состоялось торжественное закрытие Московской Олимпиады

The last minutes of the Olympics were running away, the friends were parting, leaving tenderness in their hearts. The closing ceremony was coming to an end. And then the inflatable Olympic mascot Mikhailo Toptygin appeared on the Grand Sports Arena. “Goodbye, our beloved Misha, come back to your fairy forest,” sang Leshchenko and Antsiferova in duet, and Misha rose into the air and flew in the direction of the Sparrow Hills. The audience in the stands and at the TVs were crying. The general public never knew who designed, drew the Bear or where he landed. No one knows for sure about the landing until now. The story is told that the Bear’s flight was controlled by a special group at the Aerodynamic Institute, and there was a pilot-operator inside the Bear. Although speaking about the author, in this sense everything is much simpler: the Olympic Bear was drawn by artist Viktor Chizhikov.