29 июля 1942 года в СССР учредили орден Суворова, орден Кутузова и орден Александра Невского

The war went on, the country desperately needed heroes, and there were, actually, so many heroes that new orders were needed. So, such orders were introduced. It should be said that the Order of Alexander Nevsky had already been established in our country, but the country was then called the Russian Empire. We do not know, who was the prototype of St. Alexander riding a horse depicted on the order introduced by Catherine I; but the Soviet medalists experienced great difficulties. Unlike Alexander Vasilievich and Mikhail Illarionovich, the history has not saved Alexander Yaroslavich's images. It is a fun fact, but it was the cinema that helped out: in 1938 Sergey Eisenstein shot the film Alexander Nevskiy with Nikolay Cherkasov starring. So it happened that even the marshals considered it an honor to wear the actor's portrait on their chests.