29 августа 1949 года испытали советскую ядерную бомбу

 The Soviet academicians, nuclear project participants, named the first Soviet atomic bomb “seamless.” To be more precise, ideas and technologies were based on the intelligence. There was nothing offensive for the scientists – the Soviet physicists could have created and they did create a bomb based on original ideas. But Stalin did not believe in scientists as he did in intelligence officers and Beria. Under Lavrenty Pavlovich’s supervision and so out of the public eye that the chief designer Yuly Khariton was allowed to read only selected pages of documentation, the scientists created an atomic bomb and even earlier than expected. And they tested it on 29 August 1949. They were afraid to attach the only bomb back then to an airplane – anything could happen. Therefore, they set up a tower near Semipalatinsk, placed a charge onto it and... After successful tests, the nuclear project participants received secret awards – the country was not supposed to know its heroes.