28 сентября 1066 года случилось последнее заморское вторжение в Англию

The troops of the William, Duke of Normandy, have landed on the land of the foggy Albion. In the summer of the same year, another English king ascended to the throne: Edward the confessor died childless, and his brother-in-law Harold Godwinson II took the throne. That was, in William of Normandy’s opinion, a wrong move: earlier, Harold swore on the holy relics to lead the Duke of Normandy to the throne. The choice of an oath-breaker Harold did not satisfy the Pope, thus he supported William. When coming on shore, William fell, which was considered the worst omen at the time. But he kept his wits and instantly reacted: “See — I have taken England with both my hands!” And so he did: ever since William I, the king of England has been called the Conqueror.