28 октября 1908 года в кинотеатре показали первый русский художественный фильм

224 meters of film. The length is exactly seven and a half minutes. This is not a video clip or a newsreel – this is the first Russian feature movie shot in former photographer and self-declared moviemaker Drankov’s studio and shown at the real movie theater in Saint Petersburg on October 28, 1908 (in the new style). The attribute “first ever” can be used for the first Russian feature movie Stenka Razin. Ponizovaya Volnitsa several times more. The first movie adaptation – the film was made as the song From Beyond the Island to the Rod re-told by means of cinema, the first Russian movie based on a “script” specially written by Vasily Goncharov, the first Russian movie for which special music was composed by Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov. The movie was filmed at Lake Razliv, and the princess was thrown into it. The first Russian special effect was used at that moment: the actress was replaced with a dummy, and this moment was hidden by the editing cut. One hundred and fifty extras took part in this seven-minute movie. The movie was highly appreciated by critics: “This movie makes an era in the history of Russian cinematographic theater to a certain extent. For the first time, our cinematography enters the national soil, and, for the first time ever, it gives a story that is splendid and sustained in historical color.”