28 октября 1636 года основан Гарвардский университет

On this day, the General Court of Massachusetts decided to allocate 400 pounds sterling for a college. With this money, a farm was bought in the town of Newtown on the street with the wonderful name Cow Row, a teacher was appointed, and some boys were recruited. This is how Harvard University, the cradle of American presidents and Nobel laureates, was established. The university is almost of the same age as the country – the “Pilgrim Fathers” came down to the American coast in 1620. However, a college will become Harvard later, when, according to Cambridge graduate and priest John Harvard’s will, it receives half of his property and the entire library. Then Newtown would be ostentatiously renamed Cambridge, and the college became a university and rushed to catch up and overtake the English namesake. It managed to catch up in some ways, for example, in prestige, and surpassed, for example, in the cost of education.