28 июля 1900 родился создатель «Клуба кинопутешествий» Владимир Шнейдеров

In the spring of 1960, the poor TV screen of that time added a new program – Klub kinoputeshestvennikov (Cinema Travelers Club). The name did not turn out to be very literate – the club, as the brilliant translator Nora Gal aptly put it, could be made up of people, not travels. The jokes about it being a show about places you'll never see were made almost immediately. The topic was closed by the amazing Mikhail Zhvanetsky – with a miniature about the club, movie-television-home-travelers, when you see with your own eyes those who have been to Denmark, and get answers to questions not your own. Unsophisticated television viewers decided that the man on TV was named Klubka, and the show is then called Klubka's Travels. Not all of these grown-up children learned that the uncle's name actually was Vladimir Adolfovich Schneiderov. Vladimir Schneiderov was practically the same age as the century, and his biography is enough to make an adventure film. Vladimir Adolfovich was destined to have passion for geography, since his father sailed in a round-the-world voyage. Schneiderov fought in the Civil War and organized a tractor school, later the Communist Party sent him “to the movies.” Then, having forgotten to educate workers, he devoted himself to directing. A long flight to China at the dawn of aviation and electrification of the palace of a Yemeni prince, an expedition to the dangerous regions of the Pamirs and a feature film Dzhulbars on the same poster as Chapaev – to cut short, the first presenter was worthy of his program. He hosted it until his death in 1973. By the end of his life, he had become the People's Artist of Russia and ordered with the Red Star.