28 августа1853 года родился русский ученый, инженер и изобретатель Владимир Шухов

Engineer Shukhov — there was some real pride about it. And there is no shortage of evidence — floor structures of the Petrovka Passage, Upper Trade Rows, hall of the Central Post Office and platform of the Kievsky Railway Station, tram depots in Moscow, metal framework for the Central Universal Store, five hundred bridges all over Russia, water towers, elevators, Russia’s first oil pipeline and even discovery of the cracking process – it’s all Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov. But the irony of fate is that the gazillion of these useful and complex works did not make Shukhov as much famous as the single tower in Shabolovka. The foundation for the radio station antennas was set up during the Civil War. It took only three years to complete it. But Shukhov’s dream and idea to beat Eiffel’s creation in Paris by height did not take shape in steel because the Soviet state suffered from shortage of steel. So there were only six sections with the overall height of 148 meters. They could have built nine sections with the overall height of 350 meters like Shukhov first planned and no one would have needed the Ostankino Tower.