27 ноября 1701 года родился Андерс Цельсий

He was born to a famous family of scientists. His father and both grandfathers were professors. Anders carried on the family’s tradition and became a professor of astronomy at the University of Uppsala. He equipped an observatory there, measured the brightness of 300 stars, described the polar lights, and was the first to relate them to oscillations in the magnetic field of Earth. Celsius took part in the famous expedition of French astronomer Maupertuis to Lapland aimed at measuring a one-degree section of meridian. However, other degrees made him famous. The idea of Celsius was simple and clear: he took the ice melting point at normal pressure as 100 degrees and water boiling temperature as 0. The scale division value was set as one hundredth of this difference. Professor of natural history at the University of Uppsala Carl Linnaeus liked the thermometer designed by Celsius very much and would use them in his greenhouses. However, he turned the scale upside down by asking the maestro to place zero at the bottom. Since that time, the normal temperature of human body has been 36.6 degrees on the scale by Celsius. However, the scale would be named after its inventor much later, in 1948, when the 9th General Conference on Weights and Measures issued the respective document.