26 октября 1976 года ЦК КПСС и Совет Министров СССР приняли постановление о мерах по дальнейшему увеличению производства рыбной продукции и улучшению ее продажи

Of course, the Central Committee did not think about fish because of its large surplus. On the contrary, this decision was made because of the shortage of meat, and, as usual, the matter was corrected by directives. However, it was necessary not only to catch and process fish, produce canned fish or freeze it and deliver it to stores and canteens. It was also necessary to force the Soviet people to buy and eat it. This was achieved in the usual way: the Soviet people were simply left with no choice. All catering outlets without exception announced that Thursday was a fish day. It is unclear how the day of the week was chosen, but they hit the spot: according to the Book of Genesis, “God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly” exactly on the fifth day, and the Bible counts from Sunday. Atheists chose a God pleasing day, and no mistake!