26 октября 1892 года спущен на воду исследовательский корабль «Фрам»

The new ship for exploring the Earth was called Fram, which means “Forward” in Norwegian. Fram was invented and built by Fridtjof Nansen. It was not just a ship but a truly scientific tool specially designed for navigation in and with ice. The wide hull and rounded sides made the ship look like an egg for good reason: such a ship would be not crushed by ice but squeezed out. On its own skin, that is, on a steel hull, Fram proved Nansen’s right by its own skin, that is, its steel hull, and a three-year drift in the Arctic ice proved the theory of northern ice drift. Amundsen used Fram to conquer the South Pole, and he succeeded! Now the most famous polar ship of the world has its own museum. Honor to where honor is due.