26 октября 1868 года объявили об открытии гелия

On this day, two letters were read at the meeting of the Paris Academy of Sciences. Frenchman Janssen and Englishman Lockyer simultaneously informed the respected scientific institution of the discovery that each of them made independently. The astronomers told the commonwealth of scientists that they saw a yellow line in the spectrum of the solar corona during the eclipse, and this line did not belong to any element known on the Earth. Lockyer later attributed this spectral line to a new element that he called helium. Even later, Ramsay isolated helium from Earth's ore. However, it is rare even in a bound form on the Earth. As for the Universe, it is the second medalist after the champion, hydrogen. Almost all helium was formed in the first few minutes after the Big Bang. Subsequently, it was formed in the result of thermonuclear fusion from the hydrogen of the stars.