26 ноября 1894 года родился математик Норберт Винер

Being a wunderkind, he learned to read almost simultaneously with feeling his legs. His first scholar paper in Darwinism was written at the age, when others start learning to write. At the age of 18, Wiener defended a thesis at Harvard. Then, he would study philosophy of science under the guidance of Russell at Cambridge and mathematics under the guidance of Gilbert in Gottingen. After that, the eccentric scientist became a professor of a dozen of universities, obtained a chair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and wrote hundreds of scholar papers in mathematics. He would raise money for scholars who left Germany to escape from Hitler’s regime, build mathematical models of American anti-aircraft defense system and set the students laughing during the lectures and after them. Having stopped one of his students once to talk about mathematics on the way to canteen, he asked a strange question to him: “Where from have I come here?” After the student answered it, the professor came to the conclusion: “It means that I have not yet had dinner.” However, Wiener blew up his main bomb after the war. The second half of 40s was the period of hardware component of electronic computing machines being developed. The machines of the second generation were standing at the threshold, while there was no independent streamlined science dealing with information control and processing. Wiener gave birth to such a science: in 1948 he published classic scholar paper titled Cybernetics. The name invented by Wiener was derived from Greek notion meaning art of control. By the way, ancient Greeks knew this notion, yet it meant the art of steering a ship first, and the one of ruling later. The world and history were grateful to Wiener. He is now called the founding father of cybernetics.