25 ноября по новому стилю 1887 родился выдающийся генетик Николай Иванович Вавилов

Russian scientist Vavilov liked to repeat that life was short. His life proved to be short indeed, yet he had done a lot. Vavilov’s report The Law of Homologous Series in Hereditary Variation delivered in 1920 at the All-Russian Congress on Selection and Seed Farming laid the foundation for genetics in the USSR. Later, the science was called an imperialistic whore and done way with jointly with its author. He died in 1943 due to dystrophy in Saratov prison. His wife and son evacuated to Saratov during the war lived at a distance of 5 minute walk from the prison and did not know about it. A Shakespearean story and fate of Socrates!