25 ноября по новому стилю 1810 года родился великий русский врач Николай Иванович Пирогов

He was a participant of Sevastopol’s defense during the Crimean War, as well as the Franco-Prussian and Russian-Turkish wars. In 1847, Pirogov was in charge of the first of a kind military operation in the Caucuses – it was a surgical operation under anesthesia on the battlefield. He transformed surgery into science, invented plastering of bone fractures, and made an invaluable contribution to public education. He would test new drug on animals and himself. His last experiment was made on his own body after the doctor’s death. His body was embalmed by the method that he had invented. Pirogov’s mausoleum in Vinnitsa is located next door to the Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, which is one more monument to wonderworker Nikolay Pirogov.