25 ноября 1892 года Пьер де Кубертен предложил возродить Олимпийские игры

On that day, the gala hall of Sorbonne University housed a ceremonial meeting devoted to 5th anniversary of the French Athletic Societies Union. The floor was given to Pierre de Coubertin. The baron was carried away by a new idea, which he highlighted to the public: “We must revive the Olympic Games!” The nations and rulers responded to his call immediately. The Olympic Games banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I in the late 4th century as the hotbed of paganism were revived as early as in 1896. As Hercules was the founder of Olympic Games in accordance with Greek myths, Coubertin can be justly considered the follower of Hercules. His initiative is similar to Herculean labors, isn’t it? What does science have to do with it? The idea of reviving the Games came to Coubertin’s mind after the visit to Olympia discovered by German archeologists.