25 мая 1977 года состоялась премьера фильма «Звездные войны»

The history of mankind has seen all kinds of wars - world wars and holy wars, wars of liberation and conquest, a phony war, a hundred years’ war and a lightning-fast war. On that day, the United States (and then the rest of the world) were moved with Star Wars. The film immediately became a classic of the era of special effects, giving rise to an army of fans, earning fabulous royalties for its creators and forcing all American movie theaters to purchase the Dolby system. Presenting the film at the premiere, the director announced several forthcoming episodes as the volume of material at his disposal is comparable to Tolstoy's War and Peace. And he didn’t lie – six episodes have been released to date, and in a reverse order for some odd reason: what was screened in 1977 is now called Episode IV: A New Hope.